I woke up at 5:00am. The Parc de la Tete D’Or opens at 6:30am. Was I going to spend an extra hour in bed if I wanted to run around the park? Unlikely.

Instead, all I had to do was adjust my notion of what it means to run around the park.

The normal running loop around the Parc de la Tete D’Or is about four kilometers long. You go in the main gate, take a right onto the trail, drop on and off the trail as you get to the half way point, then pretty much stick to the trail all the way back to the main gate. Except, as I mentioned, the park wasn’t going to open until 6:30am and so my ‘run around the park’ had to become a true run around the park.

After crossing the Rhone and making my way to the front gate I pulled to the left and headed under the trees that lined the road running parallel to the park fence. The Cite Internationale, Interpol, and the Museum of Contemporary Art were all pretty quiet as you’d expect for this time of the morning and I was able to move quietly through the cool air heading for the northern end of the park.

When I got to the corner I crossed over the road and started running south along the high stone wall on the eastern side of the park. I was still outside, of course, but I was technically running around the park, if not around the inside of the park on the regular route. Arriving at the south-east corner, I turned to the right and headed back for the main entrance. I completed my loop, turned to the left, and headed back towards the center of town. A quick pass over the Rhone on the pedestrian footbridge, a cut across Cordeliers, and I was back at Jacobins and pressing stop on the Garmin.

The week of preparation for the run tomorrow is done, it’s time for a shower, a change of clothes, and a bike commute to work for the final day of travail before the weekend. Feeling good, feeling ready, and feeling motivated to take on the day ahead.

Distance: 9.3km

Elevation: 9m

Time: 43:30


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