Another Wednesday and another double session planned: first in the morning with a solo run, and second in the evening with the Lyon Running Club. By the end of the day I planned to have 60km of my 100km weekly target in the bank and, after the morning effort over 17km, I think this will be easy enough to do.

On the iPhone this morning I was playing Yes, Minister, the classic British political comedy. On returning home I found, to my surprise and in great coincidence, that the co-writer of the series, Anthony Jay, had died overnight. Such a great series and well worth listening to or watching again if you have the chance – celebrate Jay’s work and do yourself a favor, so to speak, and find time to listen to the series again or even for the first time. Cracking stuff.


There was nothing very creative about this morning’s route. Leaving the apartment I simply dropped onto the path next to the Soane and followed it upriver. I passed Vaise, I passed the Isle Barbe, I passed Ombrosa, and then I made a u-turn just after the bridge at Collonges and headed back into town the same way I had come out. I paused for a drink of water once on the way out at about the 5km mark, and I stopped again at the same point after about 12km, too. Nice and steady, hovering between endurance pace and tempo pace, and not causing myself any pain doing so. It wasn’t the most interesting of runs but I was happy to get the time on my feet in and continue what has been a good start to the training week.


The evening run was less satisfying than the regular Lyon Running Club runs, in my opinion. It wasn’t so much the route, mind you – that was great. An ‘out’ on the singletrack trail next to the Rhone, across the footbridge, then a ‘back’ along the Rhone on the berges. It was a nice route, even a little shorter than normal.

The problem was the pacing.

Again, this wasn’t a problem for me. I can run the pace, even run faster without any issues. The problem, however, is that the pace is set by people who can also run real fast and this means that the people who can’t don’t enjoy the run. They are left minutes behind every couple of kilometers and then group waits for them to catch up. It’s inefficient and it makes the slower runners feel like they aren’t part of the group, that they are annoying the rest of the group even. Will they be back the next week? Unlikely – who would want to come back and run again if you’re left behind, if the people leading the run don’t even talk to you, and if you feel like you don’t belong. It’s sad because it is such a good run and, as long as the people leading the run actually care about good pacing, it can be a lot of fun.

Still, I managed to get in another couple of kilometers, enjoyed the trail, and had a couple of nice conversations. But it could have been better, is all.

Distance: 25.1km (17km + 8.1km)

Elevation: 102m (82m +20m)

Time: 2:16:44 (1:29:03 + 47:41)

Strava + Strava

Image by Jack Tyler.

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