This morning I am off to the radiology lab to have my leg x-rayed.

While both myself and my doctor are certain that I don’t have a stress fracture, the ‘better safe than sorry’ approach is very much the way things work in France. Hence, mid-morning I’ll be wandering down the road to the lab to have someone take some images of my leg.

I managed to rest my leg on Sunday and yesterday, too, and it is feeling a lot better. One week after I had trouble walking without pain things are far better, and another week or two off my feet should help things clear up totally.

Or, at least, that’s the idea.

A stress fracture, of course, would mean being out of action a lot longer than a couple of weeks. But, frankly, I can’t see how R.I.C.E. is going to heal a crack in a bone. The fact that it seems to be working suggests that the diagnosis of periostitis is probably the correct one, but being sure is always good for helping the mind rest at night.

I’ll be very happy when I get back to running as the St Fons race is coming up in about 8 weeks time and I’m hoping to turn in a good performance there. Come on, leg: get better already!

Update: No broken bones, no stress fracture, and so the diagnosis of periostitis is confirmed. More rest, more compression at night, more elevation, and ice if I need it, then start slowly when I get back into it. All good.

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