As I get back into training this week I’m also taking care to eat some good, wholesome, and tasty food. Dialing in my nutrition for fueling the runs is important, and getting some unprocessed food into my system is a good thing as I start exercising after the forced break.

This week, it is all about vegetables.

Breakfasts this week are back to basics. Even if I am running in the morning, I am getting started for the day with some hot, black coffee. The muesli of last week is all finished now, and starting simple in the morning will make me look forward to lunch all the more.

Lunches this week were prepared on Saturday as I batch-cooked some vegetarian chilli in the slow cooker. While I had prepared chilli con carne the week before, this week I changed out the minced beef for a few different types of beans, cut back on the hot peppers, and doubled up on the sweetcorn. Five minutes in the microwave and I’m good to go at DOZ each day.

Dinners will see a little more variety. I’ve got a few different meals planned, including:

  • Zucchini and onion in a cream cheese sauce
  • Baked cauliflower in a cream sauce topped with cheese
  • Broccoli fried up with some spices (this one will just be for me – the rest of the family is not a fan)
  • Stir fried vegetables (snow peas, capsicum, carrots, bean shoots) with soy sauce
  • Green beans with sweet chilli sauce

While I’m still a fan of meat, this week is about getting some clean, good quality calories into my system and getting the ‘inside’ as prepared as I can for the ‘outside’ running I’ll be getting back into in the days and weeks ahead.

Bon appetit!

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