It was a very grey day today in Lyon and I spent the morning at the museum with Jamie instead of hitting the pavement. However, come the afternoon and with no change in the weather, I left Jamie and a couple of his buddies in front of the game console and headed out for what I hoped to be a 10K around the streets before the rain arrived.

I headed outside and, though I was dressed in a rain jacket ‘just in case’, I found it was still rather warm. perhaps the clouds were keeping the heat – what little there was, anyway – trapped for the few people braving the Sunday afternoon under pregnant rainclouds? In any case, as I wandered down to the river Saone waiting for the GPS to figure out I was no longer in Lisbon I realized I was probably a little overdressed if it didn’t start raining soon.

I started off along the river and headed up towards Vaise. I wasn’t running too fast and definitely not concentrating on pace. Since the Run in Lyon Marathon I have been trying to run a couple of times a week but the soreness in my left shin and occasionally my calves, too, has been holding me back. If I could get a nice, easy 10K out of the way today I could feel happy and I wasn’t going to risk going out too fast and hurting myself as the countdown to the Saintelyon enters the final three weeks.

At Vaise I crossed over the river and headed towards the Gare de Vaise. I didn’t really have a plan here and figured I would circle around the area until I had about 7K banked and then make my way back towards home. The streets here are not that busy on a Sunday afternoon and, save for a couple of busier crossings, I really didn’t have to stop at all.

Between Valmy and Gorge de Loup I went up a very slight rise and then dropped down towards the Saint Pierre de Vaise church and the right turn back towards the city center. I hooked up to the riverside path again and followed it as far as the stairs up to the Piste de la Sarra where, just for a little fun, I headed up to hit my daily stair climbing target – I’m such a sucker for the worthless virtual prizes!

At the top of the stairs I followed the bottom of the Ultra Boucle de la Sarra circuit and then dropped down the stairs to Saint Paul, the Saone, and the final kilometer. Along the river, over the footbridge at the 24 Columns, and on to the Place des Jacobins and I was done.┬áIt feels good to get a 10K in again and I hope to string together a few more during the next week. If things go to plan then I’ll get a couple of longer runs in next weekend and hopefully feel a bit better next week than this week. Yes, I realize there’s a lot of ‘hope’ and ‘hopefully’ in that sentence, but that’s where I am right now and the Saintelyon is coming up fast…

Distance: 10km

Elevation: 84m

Time: 51:32


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