After a weekend spent relaxing with Jamie and a night of disappointment as France gave up a goal, and then the Euro 2016 Championship, to Portugal, I wanted to start my week of vacation of right this morning with a longer run. Not a “long run”, mind you, as I was still a bit wary of my injury flaring up. However, as it had already borne a week of running without problems and as I was coming off two days of rest, I thought stretching things out to about 15km would be a fine way to start off the new week.


I set out from Jacobins and crossed straight over the Rhone to drop down onto the berges and head upriver. I am still getting used to the distances from place to place now that we are in the new apartment, but I figured turning around somewhere about the end of the Parc de la Feyssine would see me clock up about fifteen kilometers as planned. As I cut my way along the trail next to the river and beneath the Cite Internationale, I was keeping a nice and steady tempo and clocking regular 5:00 kilometers. I wasn’t feeling amazing, but neither was I worried about my leg or feeling like I was overexerting myself. The comeback, it seems, has come.

After turning around and taking a couple of the shorter, narrower singletrack trails cutting back through the park, I crossed over the footbridge and dropped down onto the other side of the Rhone. One of my favorite stretches of singletrack trail runs just between the river and the road here and I followed it back from Saint Clair to the Croix Rousse Tunnel. Then it was just a quick diversion under the road, a quick pop over the bottom of the Pentes, and a straight shot down the Rue de la Republique to get me close to home.

As I got close to home, however, I realized I was going to come up a couple of kilometers short. I really wanted to knock over the fifteen kilometers I had set myself as a goal so I headed a little further down the mall, did a loop around the Ampere district, cut back to Bellecour, and then finished with a crossing and re-crossing of the Soane to bring up the distance as I stepped back onto the Presque Isle.

A great way to start the week, and now on with my vacation!

Distance: 15.1km

Elevation: 63m

Time: 1:13:53


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