The way of the world these days is that waiting a week for a new episode of a television series is something that is done rarely. Indeed, with the exception of a few series now playing on HBO in the US – Silicon Valley and Veep – there’s really nothing that I watch in one-per-week fashion.

So it goes with the new discovery I made today: UnREAL.

While checking social media posts this morning I came across a review of the first episode in the second season of this dark comedy/drama and it sounded funny. As the review was for season two, I figured it wouldn’t be too hard to get my hands on season one and so – within a half hour of getting home – season one was waiting on the DVR ready to go.

The first episode was, I have to say, pretty damn good. The others I’ve binged on in the hours since have been equally strong. The characters are interesting, there is enough of a backstory to be revealed piece by piece that it is not boring, and the conflicting emotions of the lead character over her job in the reality TV industry manifest in amusing, heartbreaking, and dark ways.

It’s a nice surprise to have found UnREAL pretty much by chance and I think I’ll get through the other episodes in the first season in the next couple of days, or really the next few late nights working on the Macbook in front of the TV.

This will, however, present an eventual problem: the second season is only just beginning so I’ll be adding another week-by-week show to my calendar.

Damn you, non-Netflix channels and your advertiser-restricted release strategies!

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