Ultrarunning Resources

There is plenty of information about ultrarunning online. Some of it is great, some of it is not so great. What I’ve tried to do here is collect the sites, resources, books, and films that I’ve found useful, interesting, entertaining, or that I return to regularly for inspiration. It’s curated to my tastes, of course, and I don’t claim it is comprehensive but it should be enough to get the curious visitor engaged in the sport that I love.

This is very much a work-in-progress – I’m always discovering new books, new sites, and new resources and I’ll add them as I do.


A collection of websites that I find useful for information, advice, race updates, and general ultrarunning tips.

For old school discussions, join the Ultra List.


I’ve bought gear at a bunch of different places but I mainly shop at the following stores:

  • i-Run: They offer great service, fast delivery, and almost always have a discount code floating around for my shoes.
  • Nike: If for some reason i-Run.fr hasn’t got my shoes, I get them here.
  • Decathlon: The sports supermarket in France. I get almost all my running clothes here.
  • Le Pape: Occasionally I will shop here though I don’t make a habit of it as they seem to be pretty expensive.
  • Wiggle: The place to go for electrolyte tabs that are sugar and calorie free – I buy in bulk.
  • Amazon: The store with everything. I’ve bought everything from hydration packs to GPS watches here.

I’ve also bought things at Terre de Running from time to time but never online and only when it’s on sale – again: expensive.


I listen to a bunch of podcasts but only some of theme are related to ultrarunning and endurance sports.


I’ve only included books here that I’ve actually bought and read. The links are to Amazon in France and are affiliate links, but you’ll likely find the same books most anywhere you want to buy books online.

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