One of the great things about working at The CoSMo Company is that the management really encourage the team to keep learning. Sure, they might already be among the best and brightest that France and a dozen other countries have to offer and there are a couple of dozen PhD’s floating around (including mine!) the office, but there is a company-wide commitment to continuous learning. This extends away from our speciality subjects like complexity, modeling, simulation, and big industries, and into areas that are rather idiosyncratic, personal, and often non-work related.

In recent weeks and months there have been lunchtime lessons about everything from programming a Raspberry Pi computer to playing the Chinese board game Go to building decorations for Christmas and developing a robot that can zip around the office. These lunchtime sessions don’t attract everyone, of course, but there is usually a guarantee that the conference room will be full of the motivated and the curious and everyone will leave a little wiser than when they arrived.

Today was my turn to lead one of these sessions and the presentation I had pitched to the office Happiness Officer was ultrarunning. Specifically, I wanted to outline for people who might not quite understand this whole long distance running caper three things:

  • How it is possible to run for 100 kilometers or more
  • Why you would want to run that long
  • What you learn when you actually do run that long

Being a technology company, I decided to build a slide deck to guide the presentation, keep me on track, and keep the people who might attend distracted from my ugly mug talking at the front of the room. I’ve reproduced the slides below so, if you are interested in how to run an ultra, why you might do so, and what you might learn, click through the slides and see my own answers to those questions, and more!

Click on any of the slides below to expand and read, or download the entire deck as a PDF.

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