Ultra Run in Lyon

1 October 2017


Run in Lyon Marathon

Any idiot can run a marathon.

It takes a special kind of idiot to run an ultramarathon.

Why settle for a morning pounding the streets to bank the 42.2km that separate you from an official marathon finish when you can make a real day of it and nail a 50 mile instead?

In October 2017 we’ll wake up early and hit the river route in the direction of Neuville-sur-Saone. Once there we’ll turn around and head back to Lyon, pass through the tunnel beneath the Croix Rousse, and follow the Rhone all the way to Perrache before heading for Place Bellecour.

Get some food in, refill that water bottle, and then get ready to join 30,000 of your closest friends on the streets of France’s most beautiful city. By the time you’re done with the race you’ll have knocked over a 50 miler.

Easy, right?

No Fee

There’s no extra registration fee – just sign up for the Run in Lyon Marathon and you’re set.

No Awards

No prize money, but Run in Lyon will give you a nice medal when you’re done.

No Aid

Want to eat or drink? Bring it along in the first half, or hit the Run in Lyon aid stations later.


No Wimps

Are you ready to bring it? Good. You can do this, now go and get it done already.

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