I was up about an hour later than I had been waking up here in San Francisco, most likely because I had a late dinner with Diana and Tyler in the Mission District the night before. No bother, though, it just meant I would be more rushed when it came to getting organised and off to work this morning – but it also meant I couldn’t muck around too much on my run. This couldn’t be a slow-and-steady 6:00 pace run through the city. Instead, I would have to push a little harder.

My goal this morning was to head up Market Street to Twin Peaks and hit the hills there before heading back into town. I had the map of the city in mind and I thought I had a good handle on how to get to Twin Peaks and then get back and, mostly, I managed. However, as I would find out halfway through the run, it’s easy to get a little bit turned around on the twisted roads on the hill.


Starting out from Hyde Street, I turned onto Market and headed towards Twin Peaks. I knew I just had to follow Market all the way to the end but I don’t think I was expected for the climbing I was doing on the way to the hill. In fact, save for the first kilometer heading down to Market from the hotel, I was running uphill the whole first half of the run. Some parts of the climb were steeper than others but it was all runnable and I got the heart rate up – and kept it up – early on.

At Twin Peaks I tried to find my way over the top and got a little turned around. I hadn’t noted the names of the streets here so I just aimed on going uphill until I couldn’t go uphill anymore. I took one wrong turn into a dead end street but managed to find a steep staircase to dig my way out and head uphill a little further. I stuck to the roads mostly as opposed to the trails, mostly because I ran without the headlamp this morning.

After summiting, I started the run back home but, again, got a little turned around after passing through Haight-Ashbury. I eventually found my way onto Geary Street, pushed through Japantown, and then started reading the street names that I was somewhat more familiar with: Van Ness, Polk, and eventually Hyde.

A final push up the hill to the hotel and a little extra push to round out the distance to an even 15 kilometers, and I was done.

Twin Peaks? Sorted.

Distance: 15km

Elevation: 341m

Time: 1:22:07


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