Tonight I ran my last training run before the Saintelyon.

Well, I call it a training run but it is really just the regular Lyon Running Club run: 10 kilometers at about 6:00 pace. Nothing too hard, a pause half way through for some abdominal exercises, and stretching the legs one last time before the race on the weekend.

I had nothing really too much to do on tonight’s run save test out the headlight one last time, catch up with a couple of buddies who are also running the race on the weekend, and enjoy my last outing. Simple, right?

It was.


We started out cutting through the city and over the Rhone, then turned under the bridge at Guillotiere to head down towards Confluence. We were keeping a nice pace and I was comfortable at the 5:45 to 6:00 speed we were doing. I snuck a couple of glances at my heart rate during these first four or five kilometers so I could get a read on how I should be feeling in the opening kilometers of the Saintelyon. I was kicking along at about 140 beats per minute and well inside my Zone 2 heart rate so all was good.

After crossing back over the Rhone to the Confluence Museum we paused for some of the exercises that Luka and the gang seem to like so much. We had four different exercises to get through three times each – not a lot, but enough of a break from the running to take seriously. First came the planks (ouch), then some step aerobics on steps that were a little more than knee height (ouch again), then some push ups (again: ouch), and finally some squats (not so bad, actually). After running through the three sets we were off running again, headed for the Old City.

We crossed over the footbridge in front of the Synagogue and I got to chat to Luka for a bit and see whether he is running the Saintelyon (he isn’t) and we talked Christmas plans. Then it was a quick detour through the Saint Georges quarter, back over the Soane, and closing it all out at Celestins just under the ten kilometer mark.

Distance: 9.9km

Elevation: 39m

Time: 57:52


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