I didn’t predict it and – as late as Friday – I thought the best that Donald Trump could hope for was a strong popular vote and a loss by a couple of points nationally, and a shellacking in the Electoral College. When the results rolled in this morning in France I was surprised, then happy, then overjoyed: he did it, the magnificent bastard did it!

I didn’t have a lot of time to celebrate with a full day of work on the cards and a lot of writing to do, some of it related to the surprise election result, and meetings that sprung up late in the day. Still, I was looking forward to the Wednesday night Lyon Running Club run. Sure, it would be dark and rainy but it would be good to get outside and breathe the cool air of a Trump victory, right?


It was a pretty standard run for the Club. We set off across the bridge to the berges and headed down towards Confluence. We were running as a group and fairly tightly spaced which kept everyone warm and chatting. There was a little rain in the first two kilometers but it eased off after that and the wind died down, too. In fact, once we made the turn across the Pont Raymond Barre to the Confluence Museum, it was almost comfortable.

The run back towards Celestins was pretty straight forward as we dodged puddles and tried not to slip on the cobblestones next to the Saone. A quick shot over the footbridge to the foot of the Old City, across to the courthouse, and then back across the river to the start/finish and we were done. It was a little shorter than normal at only just more than nine kilometers but it was good fun and another night running experience ahead of the Saintelyon, now just a few weeks away.

Distance: 9.2km

Elevation: 30m

Time: 57:36


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