Town and Tube

18 February 2017

5:00am Start

9:00pm Finish

6.5km Laps

100K in a Day

It’s a simple concept.

You start at the Place des Jacobins at 5:00am and set off on a 6.5km loop through Lyon. You’ll run along the Saone, through the tunnel beneath the Croix Rousse, then through the Presque Isle and back to Jacobins.

You can run as slow or as fast as you like as long as you return to Jacobins in time to start the next lap at 6:00am.

Yes – we’ve been inspired by Big’s Backyard Ultra!

When you’re finished that lap…you prepare for the next one at 7:00am.

Will you run it fast and rest for longer? Or will you take it easy and hope you can get by on less rest?

Your strategy is up to you: as long as you are ready to go when the big hand gets to twelve, you’re still in the race.

If you make it until 12 noon you’ll have a marathon in the bag.

By 6:00pm you’ll have a 50 miler out of the way.

Make it through to the finish at 9:00pm and you’ll have banked 100km for the day, and all without leaving the city.

Are you up for the challenge?


BYOA, or buy on the run.

You can bring your own aid and carry it with you, stash it nearby, or have someone meet you at Jacobins during the run.

Alternatively, you can use one of the convenience stores nearby to stock up between laps and save on carrying food and drink you’ll need throughout the day. There are two small supermarkets within 100 meters of the Place des Jacobins, and a fantastic boulangerie (bakery), too. Bring some cash or a card and you’ll be set!

No Fee

There’s no registration fee – it’s a Fat Ass, not a race. You want in? You’re in. Let’s go.

No Awards

What do you want? A medal? Prize money? Bah – you’d only waste it anyway, right?

No Aid

Want to eat or drink? Bring it along or hit the stores next to Jacobins between laps.


No Wimps

Are you ready to bring it? Good. You can do this, now go and get it done already.

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