I am off on a one-day business trip tomorrow so I won’t have time to run in the morning or in the evening. With some packing and preparation to get through tonight, I had to fit in my daily run at lunchtime. This didn’t mean it didn’t have to ‘count’, of course, because a 25 minute jog around the park isn’t going to help me all that much come the Saintelyon. Instead, I wanted to get in a nice 10K in the autumn sunshine and see if I could keep a nice tempo throughout.


I’m lucky that the office is right next to the Parc de Gerland and so I headed straight out into the park and down to the Rhone. Turning when I got there, I followed my nose along the berges until I got the bridge to the Perrache rail station where, instead of heading across to the Presque Isle, I turned right to get to Jean Mace. This is an area I knew well back from when I was teaching at a business school around here each week and I made my way up to the Jean Mace Station before turning back towards the office. I was moving fluidly and the pain that I had felt at the start of the run – typical after a hilly run the night before – had all but disappeared.

When I neared the Debourg metro station I realised that I was not going to be able to get a 10K in if I continued straight back. I somehow needed to find another three kilometers between that point and the office, and so I threw in a loop of Gerland to bring up the distance. My cadence was good, my form was good, and I was running for one of the rare times without headphones, just breathing in the quarter.

After looping around the Stadium at Gerland, I headed for the office with a final short loop down to the Halle Tony Garnier and back. The Halle is where the Saintelyon will be finishing and I gave it a glance as I went by and hoped I’d feel this good when I arrived after 72 kilometers of hilly trails in just a couple of weeks.

Distance: 10.1km

Elevation: 19m

Time: 48:47


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