Today I tried something a little different: the run commute.

I’ve been reading about this for a while now and as the weather starts to fine up here in Lyon and the chance of morning rain decreases, the opportunity to fit in a run in the morning on the way into work opens up. It takes a little organization and logistical planning, of course, but it isn’t all that difficult to get done. I left a bunch of stuff I would normally drag backwards and forwards to work at work, I got a backpack I can run with, and I planned a route that would take me into the office while getting a reasonable morning heart-starter in.


I took off from home up the hill and turned around the Croix-Rousse to find my way to the plateau. Though the days are getting longer, daylight savings time only started on the weekend so it was still a little dark. I had anticipated this and so chose to avoid the trails and stick to sidewalks with street lighting.

Heading down the other side I ran the Esses to the river and then dropped down to the Saone and headed in the direction of Bellecour. Everything was perfect and I had the berges pretty much to myself, save for the odd homeless person sleeping peacefully as the city started coming to life. The only dodgy part here was the wood bridge around Cordeliers which was slick with morning dew. My trail shoes are nicely dialed in but they don’t like the slippery wood or metal gratings that are common in the city streets, but all I really needed to do was adjust my speed a little and not make a fool of myself or get injured. Easy.

At Bellecour I took the turn across the Presque Isle and then crossed the Rhone heading in the direction of Part Dieu and the office. Somewhere around this point I started feeling a little tired and made a mental note to take on some pre-run calories next time – all I had in my stomach was a cup of sweet coffee – but I closed out the run without an issue, got changed, and got to work. Gotta say it: run commuting rocks.

So why call this run ‘Top and Tail’?

Well this evening I’ll be adding the Lyon Running Club Wednesday night group run to the day. It should make for about a 20km day which, all things considered, is not too shabby. My legs feel great, I’m running with good form, and a few weeks of ‘doubles’ should help prepare for the Ultra Boucle de la Sarra in May.


The evening run was good fun but I probably drank a little too much water before leaving the apartment. I was conscious of the heat when I got home and so drank some electrolyte drink and about 700ml of water. Starting out the run down to meet the group at the Place des Celestins I could feel the water sloshing about and slowed my pace a little, but the feeling passed relatively quickly.

The combination of the good weather, the upcoming Lyon Urban Trail, and a bunch of road races coming up soon meant that there was a bigger group than normal running. I counted about 40 or 42 all up and this made for good times. I still tend to run at the front of the group as I think I feel a little more comfortable being able to see the road crossings instead of trusting someone else’s judgement for avoiding cars.

I pulled out a little early as we were finishing off the run, we were very close to home, and I wanted to get home to catch Jamie’s phone call. I took a right when the rest took a left, headed up the Pentes, and closed out a nice, easy Wednesday night 10K.

Distance: 19.2km (9.2km + 10.0km)

Elevation: 225m (67m +158m)

Time: 1:59:03 (46:20 + 1:12:43)

Strava + Strava

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