At the end of last night’s run I was happy to not feel any pain in the left foot I injured at the 100km de la Somme. I hadn’t extended myself much but I did run on it for an hour without pain so I was happy to find myself uninjured at the end of the run, even after turning in a nice steady 5:15 final kilometer without any issues.

My right foot, on the other hand, was crying out in pain.

Well, not the foot, but the second toe which felt like it was broken or fractured or something like that. Intense, acute pain. And it’s still there today.

I can’t for the life of me understand how I hurt this toe. I thought for a moment it might have been a remnant of the tight dress shoes I wore for three days last week while in Paris on business. Yet while those shoes definitely bit my toes a little, they didn’t hurt over the weekend or in the days since I came back to work in more comfortable shoes this week. When I left home in my running shoes – shoes that are well worn in with nearly 700km on them – I didn’t feel any pain. Yet, in the final couple of kilometers of the run last night, I started being very aware of a sore toe.

Perhaps it was the way I ran, but I don’t think I did anything strange or abnormal. I don’t remember kicking any stones or knocking my toe against anything that might have hurt it. Frankly, I just have no idea how I did the damage but it still hurts today so it is obviously something, I just don’t know what.

I don’t think it will stop me from running but I’ll take it easy all the same. In any case, I only had a 15km run planned for this Sunday to round out a recovery week so I will give it a couple of days to feel better before stressing the toe again.

But damn if I can figure out what I did…

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