There’s about six weeks until the Saintelyon and then another couple of weeks until the end of 2016. I’ve got something like two months left to finish the year off strong and set myself up for the next year and the events I already have planned – and here’s how I’ll be going about it.

To start with, I’m going to be focusing on the Saintelyon for the next six weeks.

If I go about things as I have so far this year I will run for five of those weeks and then taper in the sixth week. I won’t be lifting my volume up an amazing amount but I should be able to get up somewhere around 100km in the heaviest weeks all the same. Essentially, though, it’s about maintaining the fitness, getting prepared for the hills, and making the most of the time I have before I get going. The only course-specific training I really have planned is some time on trails and some night-running to get prepped for the midnight start.

I’m thinking about this sort of breakdown:

  • Week One: Volume of about 80km including one longer run on the weekend
  • Week Two: Volume of about 80km including hills in San Francisco
  • Week Three: Volume of about 80km, recovery week
  • Week Four: Volume of about 100km including two longer runs on the weekend
  • Week Five: Volume of about 100km including a double or triple mid-week
  • Week Six: Taper to the race on Saturday night

After the Saintelyon I’ll rest a week and then prepare for the final couple of weeks of running for the year.

I’ve had a year long goal of hitting 3000km for the year and if I manage to run a couple of regular weeks after the Saintelyon I should make that target. Considering I lost more than a month to injury mid season this year, I will be happy to hit the goal I’ve been tracking on Strava since 1 January.

And then into 2017.

I’m going to read a lot about training and try my best to set myself up for a successful 2017 ultrarunning. I’m going to experiment with some different sessions next year and aim to improve my overall fitness in an effort to nail a couple more personal bests. It would be nice to set a strong 12 hour mark in April, finish a 24 hour race in May, enjoy the fun of an Ultra Run in Lyon in October, and try and fit in another 100K somewhere along the way, too. I’ve picked up Jason Koop’s book on ultrarunning as well as a couple of others on the subject in recent weeks and I’m hoping the applied wisdom can help me achieve what I’d like to for the year ahead.

But with two months left to go before 2016 becomes 2017, I’ve got a couple of good challenges left to overcome and I’m looking forward to taking my best shot.

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