As the leg was not back to normal yesterday, I made an appointment to see the doctor about it today. Getting the appointment wasn’t a problem and even fitting it into my day was easy enough: a 1pm appointment means I can be in and out during lunch.

It’s not that the leg isn’t feeling better at all – it is. But I am also aware I cannot run on it right now and that’s a problem for me. Walking is not an issue which means it is much improved from Monday, but I want to be running, not walking, without pain. Hopefully, the doctor can provide some ideas on how I might manage that.

The week, then, hasn’t gone as planned. Instead of a light week on my feet getting in 80km or so, I have run less than 6km and done very little save for stay off my feet wherever possible.  I don’t feel like I have lost any real fitness – you don’t lose months of fitness and a couple of thousand kilometres of endurance in four days of not running – but I also know that getting back into the running will require a little bit of ramping up again. There will be no 20km efforts out of the gate, and ‘slow and steady to build back up’ will be the way to go.

I’ll update in the afternoon when the doctor has had a look at the leg so, until then, fingers crossed it’s an easy fix.

Update: Doctor says it is likely periostitis but wants me to get an x-ray all the same to confirm it is not a stress fracture. Considering that it is responding to the RICE, it’s almost certainly not a stress fracture, but better safe than sorry. Looks like I won’t be running for the next few weeks which sucks to say the least.

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