Coming off a week that was already stressful and short on rest, the fact I only got 5 hours sleep last night meant that anything I tried to lay down this morning was going to be horrible.

And it was.

I was up at 5am to work through various things, cleaning the house and tidying up by 7am, and then out the door to get the grocery shopping done at 8:30am. Back home, unpack things, finish a couple of smaller tasks on the computer and around the house, and then head out for a run. It was never going to be more than an hour – all the time I had before lunch – but I hoped I wouldn’t feel too tired.

But I was.


I headed down from the Pentes to the Rhone and the berges heading towards the Parc de la Tete D’Or. I decided to mix things up a little here and drop onto the narrow singletrack next to the river which, despite the mud, was still mostly hard packed enough to run on.

Even after just two kilometers my body was yelling at me to stop. I had no energy and everything was feeling heavy. If you’ve ever had one of those days, then this is one of those days.

I hooked over the bridge, did a quick loop, and then headed back across to enter the Parc. By this point I knew I could only squeeze out about a 5K or so all up, my legs feeling horrible and my energy levels sapped. I crossed the Cite Internationale, dropped into the Parc, and then looped pass the velodrome and the lake until the watch said 5km and I punched stop.

A terrible run and proof that I need to get a little more sleep.

Distance: 5km

Elevation: 12m

Time: 23:57


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