After a couple of steady runs in a single 12 hour span I was looking forward to taking things a little bit easier with the Lyon Running Club’s #RunDuMecredi or Wednesday Night Group Run. I had only run with them one other time and the pace was slower, steady, and conversational. I was looking forward to this sort of tempo and the chance to get in an hour or so on my feet at the end of the day sans stress.

Being a run that is organized by someone else, it’s a little strange to arrive at the meeting point and not have any real idea of where we’ll be heading, what the terrain will be like, or how many people will be there. Based on the previous run, I was expecting an hour or an hour and a quarter, a six-minute per kilometre pace, and maybe 15 to 20 people.


As it turned out we were a small group tonight and the run was shorter, at least in distance. The group was nine in total which was probably a little less than half of the number that were there last time around. I guess the ‘between Christmas and New Year’ travel accounted for most of that.

In terms of distance we covered only about 9km and at a very gentle pace – far slower than the week before. I don’t think this was a function of the group as no one seemed to be struggling with the pace. I think, perhaps, it is more of what the run usually is like. Chatting to one of the regulars, he explained that an hour is about normal, 10km about the average distance, and the trip the other week down to the Isle Barbe was exceptional.

Still, it was a nice gentle run, the conversation was pleasant, and I got in another hour of running before the end of the year. I will be back for more of these Lyon Running Club runs, I am sure.

Distance: 9.0km

Elevation: 54m

Time: 1:00:48


Image by Simounet.

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