I’m back after a couple of days in Paris – including a nice sightseeing run and a morning wake-up run¬†– I’m back in Lyon, well at least for the day. Tomorrow I am off to Switzerland for a couple of days of relaxation and ultra training with a long run planned for Saturday and a shorter run planned for Sunday before returning to France again. With a weekly goal to hit of 150K and with 60K already banked between Monday and Thursday, I only really needed to turn the legs over for about 10K this morning to keep things on track. And so, just before 5:00am, I headed out the door to get a nice 50 to 60 minutes in on my feet.

I set off down the Saone which, thankfully, seems to be recovering from the flooding of the last couple of weeks. There was a little mud as I headed down towards Valmy and Vaise but then, as I approached the outskirts of Lyon, I could see that the path a few hundred meters ahead was glistening with mud and puddles. Ah, how about¬†no, I won’t be running there this morning.


I took a right, headed up a set of stairs, and then hit a hill that would take me up to Cuire: the Rue Philippe de Lassalle climb. It’s a 600 meter climb at an average pitch of 11% but with a few steeper sections as the road curves around. I kept things nice and steady heading up and my heart rate never left Zone 2. This was, after all, a shakeout run after a couple of days of traveling and before the ultra distance run tomorrow morning.

At the top of the hill I turned for the Cuire metro station, made a turn to head back to Croix Rousse, then took the switchbacks down through the Jardin des Plantes to Terreaux. From there it is just a quick couple of minutes down to Jacobins and I was done: a little over 10K in the bag and a little more than 70K run for the week so far.

Now for the weekend, an ultra distance journeyrun in Switzerland, and some sightseeing around Geneva – what could be better?

Distance: 10.2km

Elevation: 102m

Time: 52:54


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