I had run Tuesday and Wednesday morning and then again on Wednesday night so I decided to leave my Thursday run until the afternoon. I was still up early as Cécile sent me off to the market at 7:30am to buy a range of fruits and vegetables for her to juice up for her breakfast but I otherwise hung around the house stretching out on the couch, watching Seinfeld re-runs, and staying out of trouble.

After a nice No Sugar, No Grain (NSNG) lunch of courgettes and lardons (with some oregano for flavor, too) I mapped out a course on Strava, measured it out at about half marathon distance, and tried to memorize the few but so important turns in Rillieux la Pape and Crepieux la Pape. It’s not that I wouldn’t mind an extra kilometer of getting turned around as I was in no rush. However, I had in mind that this could be a nice longer run on a morning before work and so, when the sky is darker and my head a little more cloudy, I wanted to be sure to hit all the turns without problems.

To start with, I headed up to the Croix Rousse and out along the Voie de la Dombes as I had done the day before. It’s a nice run even if the hill is a tough way to start a longer effort. After cresting at the main square, I followed the metro line past Henon and on to Cuire, and then joined the Voie proper. From there it was a straight shot along the trail until I emerged at the other end about five kilometers later near Sathony and where I turned right into Rillieux.

From there it was basically a false flat until I started the descent proper towards the Rhone. I twisted and turned through here but I didn’t lose my way and as the old route to Geneva came up in front of me I turned left, ducked under the bridge, and headed down the final steep descent until I reached the Crepieux train station and the river Rhone.

From there I was back on trails again, this time the rocky and sometimes potholed trail next to the train line. There wasn’t a lot of traffic on the railway or on the trail as I made my way back towards Lyon, though I did grab a quick glimpse of a couple of runners who were taking a breather in the small picnic area where the trail turns back into a dual-use path.

Another kilometer on and I was at the footbridge to the Cite Internationale. I walked up the stairs taking on a bit of water from the hydration pack and then stopped at the top to snap a couple of photos of a very foggy Rhone river. After that it was a straight shot along the left bak of the Rhone to the Pont de Lattre during which I passed two impeccably made-up policewomen on horseback before crossing over to the base of the Pentes and the final 1500 meters to home.

My legs were tired in the beginning and they didn’t enjoy the climb to Croix Rousse all that much but it’s good to get time in on my feet before work starts eating up my time again next week and running on tired legs is always good training for an ultra.

Distance: 21.3km

Elevation: 173m

Time: 1:52:03


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