It’s not a pretty day in Lyon.

Unlike a little earlier in the week where it was damn cold but the sun was still shining, today was all about cloudy skies, on-again and off-again rain, and near freezing temperatures. Argh – not a lot of fun.

Still, I was only going to be out running for about 90 minutes or so. To hit my weekly distance target I needed to turn in about 15 or 16 kilometers and I wasn’t going to be pushing too hard. In the last couple of days I’ve been running at about a 5:00 pace and I wanted that to be at the top end of the speed today. Better for me would be 5:30 to 6:00 pace, something I can hold forever and that will allow me to recover ahead of another busy week of work and training in the week ahead.


I decided to connect a couple of regular routes – the short loop to Vaise and the loop down to Mulatiere – into a single circuit. Running upriver was nice and easy and there were a number of other runners out and about as well as families enjoying (or enduring) a Sunday afternoon walk in the drizzle. I focused on keeping my heart rate under control, keeping my cadence up with some shorter steps, and not pushing too hard. I had the No Sleep podcast on and some Hardcore History waiting in the wings for when the hour-long episode was done, and I was feeling great.

Heading back downriver after the turnaround I kept things nice and smooth and, save for the road crossing near Perrache, I didn’t really need to stop moving at all. The path down to Mulatiere was its typical narrow self but there wasn’t anyone to share it with so I didn’t have any issues. Taking the turn at the bridge to head back towards Confluence was where the wind picked up a little but, frankly, it made for a nice cooling change as I was starting to heat up in my rain jacket.

Heading back upriver now, I made a loop around the marina at Confluence and then dropped down on to the trail next to the Saone to make my way home. The rain came and went here, but it was light enough just to enjoy the cool drops rather than annoying or painful. As I’m typing this the rain has really started coming down heavily again outside so it seems that as I clicked stop on the Garmin, I managed to avoid the worst of an ugly day.

Distance: 16.5km

Elevation: 39m

Time: 1:24:41



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