So there’s a US presidential candidate who has made immigration his big issue.

He’s talked about the problems caused by illegal immigration, he’s proposed a solution to that illegal immigration, and a whole lot of people are angry at him for his comments about illegal immigration. He’s been held up as a racist, a bigot, and a fool.

His comments on immigration have been big news for months. Since the start of his campaign more than a year ago now there has been pushback from the media, from rival candidates, from people within his own party, and from migrant groups, too. Everyone, it seems, has something to say about the candidate and his views on immigration.

And then an illegal immigrant attempts to kill that candidate and the response is…crickets.

It didn’t make the mainstream news here in France but, OK, maybe that’s not a big surprise. But it barely registered in the US, either, and this is a shock. In fact it’s more than a shock; it’s disgraceful.

Whatever you think about Donald Trump’s plan to halt immigration and how he plans to pay for it (or get others to pay for it) you can’t pretend that killing the guy is a reasonable response.

Hell, even if you dislike his rhetoric on illegal crossing of the southern border it would be the perfect time to condemn the attempted assassination and note –factually – that the illegal immigrant in question gained his illegal status not by crossing the border from Mexico but by overstaying his visa on a trip from the UK. This particular illegal immigrant is the perfect counter argument to ‘The Wall’ approach to fighting the ‘bad eggs’ who emigrate to the US illegally: he tried to kill one of the two presumptive nominees for president of the United States and all the fences, guards, and guns on the Mexican border would have done nothing to stop him because he flew into the country with a valid visa.

If the liberal media and Democrat voices could make hay out of this, so too could the right and the Republicans. After all, someone tried to kill their candidate for president. Where is the outrage? Where is the condemnation? Where is the criticism?

Hell, where is the anything right now?

Drudge had the story and it headlined on reddit, too, but it was barely covered at all in the media and you had to search for it online. Forget the scrolling breaking news bar – there was barely a whisper on the news.

I do wonder if it would have played out differently had the tables been turned. An anti-Hillary guy tries to kill the Democrat front runner and…nothing? Somehow I doubt it.

Donald Trump might have some crazy ideas and he was never my preferred choice as Republican nominee. I think he’d be better than Hillary Clinton in the White House but that’s because of the many failings on her part than any real enthusiasm for him. But he doesn’t deserve to be shot because he thinks and says things outside of the mainstream.

And if someone tries to kill him, it deserves to be covered – and loudly.

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