One of the things I’ve really enjoyed doing with Jamie these last few weeks has been our regular Saturday morning run. They don’t last very long – just 1km or so around the block and all over in seven minutes – but we run together and he seems to enjoy it a lot. Of course, for the last couple of weeks, I have been laid up injured, but I got hurt after our last run so we never missed one together.

The last time we did our 1km loop he beat his previous best time by ten seconds and I promised him that, the next time, we’d go a little bit further. he had his heart set on heading down the hill from our apartment to the Place des Terreaux before turning back to come home again. It would be about 300 metres longer than the previous loop, and for sure he’d take a water break halfway through, but it shouldn’t make the kid explode.

And it shouldn’t put all that much pressure on my leg either. While I’m not going to chance it with running a lot longer just yet, I think I can manage ten or twelve minutes running at the speed of a five-year-old.


The run was fairly uneventful in that we managed to avoid getting hit by a car, slip over on the slick stairs near the Opera House, and avoided the final few revelers leaving the bars they wandered into some time last night.

Jamie kept up a steady pace both running and talking. He was cracking jokes, and counting the time until the next water break (we had two stops for a few seconds so he could take a drink of water) as we made our way around the slightly-longer-than-normal block. He did well coming up the Montee de la Grande Cote and kept jogging the whole way, if slowly, and then he enjoyed the last one hundred meters sprinting to the door.

My leg was fine though it is hard to tell whether this is actually because it is truly fine or a result of the fact that we only ran for a few minutes. I want to get back into things – I am getting bored with this not-running caper and have a race coming up relatively soon – but I also want to take things slowly to avoid further injury and further time off.

I think I’ll run for a half hour or so either tomorrow or Monday, fit in the Lyon Running Club Wednesday Night Run, and then try for something again on Friday before a slightly heavier weekend. This will still give me three days of not running this week to enable some rest, but it will also allow me to start getting back into things.

Distance: 1.4km

Elevation: 34m

Time: 12:17


Image by Ludovic Landry.

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