Today was another hot day in Lyon and I wanted to get my run completed in cooler temperatures than yesterday’s effort in the hills. I was in at work early to meet the cleaners which wasn’t a problem for me as it meant I could leave relatively early in the middle of the afternoon and get the weekend started earlier than normal.

After heading home and checking out the end of the first stage of the Giro d’Italia on the TV, I pulled on my clothes and got ready to run. To make sure I was hydrated I drank a half liter of water with some electrolytes added about a half hour before I headed out. Further, as well as leaving with the new episode of Ten Junk Miles in my ears, I was carrying water in my handheld bottle too. I was not going to dehydrate today.


I wasn’t planning on anything too heavy this afternoon and so I planned just a simple run along the river for five kilometers before turning around to come home. The singletrack trail and most of the route out to the turnaround was in the shade but the heat was still burning through. I was taking on water every kilometer as my Garmin buzzed in a sort of buzz, check split, then drink pattern.

At the turnaround I headed back the way that I came and there was a slight breeze but nothing to keep the heat away. I was most of the way through the bottle of water by the time the seventh kilometer rolled over and by the time kilometer eight rolled over I realized I was too hot to keep up the pace I was running. I decided to dial things back for the last two kilometers and cool down, and most of the rest of the bottle went over my head in an effort to keep cool.

When I got home Cécile asked how the run was and I said it was fine but that I am going to have to start running later, or earlier, to avoid the heat. Considering we are only in May, this is going to mean some early morning runs into work or later evening runs after dinner. Jamie is not a fan of me running at night when he’s with us so, at least half the time, it’ll be morning runs.

Or figuring out another way to manage the hot weather, of course.

Distance: 10km

Elevation: 58m

Time: 55:53


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