As running was out of the question today – the calf was still biting a little from yesterday’s aborted effort – I decided to keep things moving with an afternoon walk. I was in a good mood as I had just watched Alberto Contador dance his way into the yellow jersey at the Dauphine and so, podcasts loaded on my phone, I took off for a walk in town in the fine weekend weather.


I didn’t really have a destination in mind but I thought it might be nice to get a nice 90 minutes of movement under my belt. After all, motion is lotion, right? I headed down the hill towards the Saone, then crossed over the footbridge to Saint Paul and made my way up the side of the Fourviere.

About half way up the hill I turned to take the tourist path through the gardens to the top. This had the added benefit of being beneath the trees so, even though I was sweating, I was cooler than I would have been following the road to the top. At the Basilica I continued across the plateau before dropping down the side of the hill to Saint Just and then stopping by the Garden of Curiosities. It was my first visit there and while the view is quite stunning, there is not much to the garden itself: it’s small, it’s a little crowded, and it’s not all that easy to get to. Maybe on another day I’ll come back with a camera, but I don’t think Jamie and Cecile would enjoy being dragged up there for the view alone.

Heading back down the hill to the Saone, I decided to wander past our new apartment (10 days until we get the keys and counting) and then back towards home. As I was going to be about a kilometer short of 10km heading straight home, I threw in a dog leg hike to the top of the Croix Rousse and then came straight back down through the gardens of the Grande Cote.

My leg didn’t give me any trouble and even the stairs up and down weren’t really an issue. Still, I think I’ll continue to give my calf muscle a chance to get better and, as I’ll be busy moving to the new place this month anyway, I can always pick things up for real again in a couple of weeks if I can keep active in the meantime.

Distance: 10.6km

Elevation: 254m

Time: 1:31:29


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