I described yesterday’s run as a three-in-one: three 5K’s of varying effort levels with some walking in between each. It felt…OK. This morning, though, I was hoping for another 15km but in a single steady effort. With the Lyon Running Club run to come in the evening, a nice morning effort before the evening recovery would be perfect.


Almost reflexively I have been leaving home and turning towards the Soane in the last couple of weeks. Whether heading towards the Isle Barbe or the Pont Bocuse upriver, or heading down to Mulatiere or Confluence downriver, the proximity of the river and the running paths and trails has seen me go for the close, easy option.

This morning, though, I decided to head back to the Rhone and trace my way upriver towards the Parc de la Tete D’Or. The park does not open before 6am so I wouldn’t be able to run through it on the way out, so instead I passed between the park and the Cite Internationale to find my way to the La Doua campus. The wind was nice and changed from a tailwind to a cross tailwind as I turned around the Cite, but there was not a lot of early morning warmth to speak of so I wasn’t under any heat stress. At the end of the campus I looped around the war cemetery and started back towards the park.

When I finally arrived back at the Parc de la Tete D’Or the gates were open and there were a couple of other runners taking advantage of the morning to get their miles in. I entered, cut through the center of the park, and then followed the lake back towards the main entrance. Dropping down to the berges again, I made my way back to Bellecour, threw in a final half-loop of the square, and was home again with the 15km banked.

Though I was only about two minutes faster than yesterday, I felt a lot better and probably could have run another five kilometers without any issues. I didn’t stop for or carry water this morning but neither did I feel I was pushing myself, either. I’m looking forward to tonight’s recovery run with the club, though hoping it won’t be a hills session like last week turned into. Fingers crossed…


Turns out I had nothing to worry about.

The group run took off at a nice, even pace and crossed the Rhone – and then crossed back – as part of an extended warm up. We passed below the Pentes and then followed the Soane a little before finding our way to the Old City. We passed almost all of the way through the Old City before getting set for the ‘zone defi’ of the night: a set of stairs near Saint Georges.

We ran it first as a group including the tough and very steep descent off the stairs and back to the starting point. Then it was time for the race in teams of two, a relay of sorts. I teamed with a first time runner who managed to finish first after his loop and tagged me about two meters ahead of the fastest guy running. I held my won until almost the top of the stairs and then came in a couple of meters behind him as I finished my loop. We all caught our breath, then ran the loop once more and set off for a winding down jog over the last four kilometers as we cut through Ampere, ran around Bellecour, and then cut back to the Place Celestins to finish things off with an even 10K in the bank.

Distance: 25.1km (15.1km + 10km)

Elevation: 197m (39m + 158m)

Time: 2:17:37 (1:13:21 + 1:04:16)

Strava + Strava

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