Today is truly a sports day.

The annual Lyon Urban Trail is happening in the city (indeed, it passes right beneath our window) and there are about 10,000 runners taking on the stairs and descents of our beautiful city on two hills and two rivers. Then, a little distant but beamed live into the lounge room, is the Parsi-Roubaix classic. This is live from start to finish and I’ll be watching most of it and hoping for another great performance by Peter Sagan after his win in Flanders last week.

Before all of this, though, I had to get my long run in and so, bright and early at 6:45am, I headed out to see if I could knock over a half marathon or a little more to round out the week. The only goal here was distance as I wanted to get the weekly figure back over the 80km or 50 mile barrier from which I think I perform best. That called for at least 20km but extending it out a little more would not be a worry. As long as I was back in time to get some coffee brewed, some breakfast bread buttered, and find a place to watch the Lyon Urban Trail pass by I would be happy.


I thought it might be nice to run the trail out to Miribel and then come back via the dual-use path and the Parc de la Feyssine. I put some Get This on the iPod and started along the trail watching the sun come up and making my way along the river towards the Canal de Miribel.

This is a really pleasant trail to run, especially early in the morning. The sun is not too harsh on the eyes though they were still watering from the cool air in the half hour before I could put my sunglasses on. I kept a good pace on the way out with the only ‘slow’ kilometer being the first one as I descended from Croix Pacquet and made my way down to the river.

Turning around at Miribel I started to see a few more people, especially around the equestrian center, and a couple of cyclists getting in an early ride on the trails. I even spotted a couple of runners heading in the direction of Miribel as I wound my way back, though no one I recognized. I presume most of the people I know from the Lyon Running Club will be running the Urban Trail instead of longer runs out to Miribel and back.

Coming back into town I glanced at the Garmin and realized I was still keeping a good pace. I decided 25km was probably enough and, as I left the trail to cross the road near the Croix Roux Tunnel, I clicked stop, stretched, and started the short walk home.

A good long run to conclude a good week’s training. Now bring on Paris-Roubaix!

Distance: 25km

Elevation: 35m

Time: 1:57:48


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