The plan today was to get 10 to 12km in during a short run before collecting Jamie from fencing. I realized this morning, though, that this wasn’t my best option and so changed the plan to get the same run in earlier in the day.

If I run in the evening then I have to leave all of my gear in the office including the clothes I wore that day, my computer, and my bag. I can take a running backpack – the Camelbak is perfect – but for a short run like today’s effort this means packing it with a phone, keys, and other such things instead of the water I won’t need.

As I ran through the mental checklist this morning in the shower it occurred to me that I could run at lunchtime instead. This would allow me to get the same distance in but wouldn’t require me to carry anything on my back. It would be just me, my Garmin, and an iPod Shuffle with the latest Ten Junk Miles. When I was done I could towel off, get changed, and then go and collect Jamie at the end of the day without leaving a pile of clothes and more in the office.

Smart, huh?

The only hiccough in my plan would be the weather. Though I have my thermal shirt, a waterproof hat, and some gloves, it is still damn cold here and even snowed during my walk into work. I hoped I would be warm enough to enjoy the run but, as they say, if you’re still cold, just run faster.


It was cold when I headed out the door from work but the sun came out fairly fast. I was concentrating on just keeping a steady rhythm and staying under or around the 5:00 pace I am hoping to run at Saint-Fons. As it happened, though, I was knocking over 4:30 kilometers instead and, by the time I had passed through the Parc de la Tete D’Or, I wasn’t feeling any pain so I kept it up.

I dropped onto the berges next to the Rhone and passed by dozens of other runners out enjoying this snowy-cum-sunny lunch time moment. I continued down to Guillotiere before cutting up to the road and then criss-crossing my way back towards Part Dieu.

Arriving near the shopping mall I felt a twinge of something in my right leg and I momentarily panicked as I wondered if the debilitating injury I had had before was going to make a comeback. However, it only lasted a moment and I managed to keep going without feeling that twinge. A couple of weeks out from the race, though, and I am taking everything very seriously. if it hurts, I’m slowing – and if it keeps hurting, I am stopping.

Distance: 10km

Elevation: 19m

Time: 45:19


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