When I woke up this morning I heard rain outside and immediately reacted positively.

There’s no such thing as bad weather, I reminded myself, just inappropriate clothing.

After triaging email, reading the news, and getting myself set to run in the rain (wrapped the phone in a plastic bag, made sure my wallet wouldn’t get soaked in the hydration pack pocket) I headed outside for what I hoped would be about an hour in the rain on the commute in to work.

To m surprise, though, it wasn’t raining – it was snowing!

It was not pretty snow and it wasn’t piling up into picturesque piles on the sidewalk, but it was snow, it was constant, and it was so much nicer to run in than the snow I had been anticipating.

I started off heading down to the Saone and then making a short out and back to Vaise. Crossing the bridge there to turn around I realized that some of the surfaces I was going to be running on were going to be very slippery indeed so I slowed down and watched my footing as I left snowy footprints all the way across the bridge. Heading back towards the center of town on the right bank of the Saone now, it seemed to me that there must be some difference between the left and the right bank of the river. The snow on the ground on the right bank was a little deeper, a lot icier, and I ended up running on the bike path instead of the sidewalk to avoid slipping on the ground.

The slipperiest part of all was outside of the courthouse as I passed opposite where I had started: the metal walkway might be lovely in summer but it is treacherous in winter and even more so this morning. A little further down the river I crossed over the footbridge (again, more than a little slippery) and then dropped onto the path to Confluence. I deliberately bypassed the cobblestones and stuck closer to the river and then looped around the Confluence Museum to cross the Pont Raymond Barre and finish off passing the Halle Tony Garnier in the final meters before arriving at the office. I clicked stop on the Garmin, unlocked the office door, and headed for the shower and the hot water that would start the process of warming up my body.

Another day is underway at CoSMo!

Distance: 12.7km

Elevation: 37m

Time: 1:08:04


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