The countdown to the Saint-Fons 6 Hour race is on.

With less than two weeks to go until the first ultramarathon of the year gets underway I’m entering into a tapering period. The goal of the next 10 days is to keep the fitness level up without getting injured or doing anything else stupid. This means no stair repeats, lots of steady state running, and not overdoing it. There’s no long run planned for this weekend and about the longest run I’ll get in before the race will be a 12 to 15km stretch on the weekend.


Tonight was a gentle, race-paced circuit from home, into the Parc de la Tete D’Or, and then home again. Heading down the hill I was a little bit slow but who really wants to push things on the stairs? If I am going to fall over then the stairs are the place it is going to happen, so better safe than sorry.

I hopped onto the path above the Rhone and entered the Parc through the main gates. I made a half circuit before leaving again at the edge of the Cite Internationale and then crossing the footbridge to Saint Clair. On the weekend I had discovered a nice piece of singletrack trail running parallel to the road and I traced it from Saint Clair all the way to the Croix Rousse Tunnel. Then, just to make things a little interesting and as I had to go back uphill to get home anyway, I took the steep Coquillat staircase up to the Rue des Fantasques and turned for home.

Seven kilometers, 35 minutes, right on pace.

Distance: 7km

Elevation: 66m

Time: 35:02


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