Jamie wasn’t feeling fantastic yesterday but he was worse this morning. Up and down during the night with diarrhoea, he tried to keep down a yoghurt this morning at breakfast and it lasted only a few minutes before he brought it all up. I had already decided he wouldn’t be going to school but this just confirmed I was right, so it was into bed with him and Cécile will be keeping an eye on him during the day. I suspect he’ll sleep for a lot of the morning and maybe transfer to the couch in the afternoon for a lie down in a different place, but he surely isn’t up for heading into school.

Me, on the other hand, well I have to go into work but it doesn’t mean I can’t make it home to check on him during the day. As I had made my lunch the night before – nothing exciting, just some ground beef and cheese cooked into a nice mix with some spices – I could leave it at home, go to the office, then run home to check on Jamie at lunch. It couldn’t be a long run, or even as long as the last couple of days where I have fit in lunchtime sessions when Cécile has been away. However, I figured I could get somewhere between 5 and 10 kilometers in so as to leave enough time to shower, see Jamie, and quickly inhale my lunch before getting back to work. It wouldn’t be high quality work but it would be a chance to see Jamie and make sure the little fellow isn’t feeling too terrible.

From work I made a turn through the Parc de Gerland down to the Pont Raymond Barre, then crossed over to the Confluence Museum for a descent down to the Saone. I followed the river back past the mall, past a surprisingly immobile self-driving bus, and then dropped down onto the path next to the river keeping my pace steady. After that, it’s a straight shot along the river with only a couple of small obstacles to clear: a staircase to climb, another to descend, a rise in path to another staircase, and then the final push up the sloping path to the footbridge where I clicked stop on the Garmin and made my way the last hundred meters back to Jamie and Cécile.

Distance: 7.3km

Elevation: 32m

Time: 35:23


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