The week of training hasn’t quite gone as planned just yet. I was hoping to get out on Tuesday morning but didn’t make it as I was working through Jamie getting ready for school, things happening around the house, and getting into the groove at work. I was not worried, however, as there would be plenty of opportunities to make up the distance later in the week, especially on a lower mileage week when I am tapering.

This morning, though, I was looking forward to getting back into it and knew that the morning run would be one of two. If I could do a 10K in the morning and another 10K in the evening, I would be on track and looking forward to a hitting the weekly goal.

What’s more, I’ve added in to the weekly mix a reconnaissance run of the Run in Lyon Half Marathon on Friday night that will add in a nice 20km or so run to round out the working week. I won’t be running the Half Marathon but I enjoy running with the Lyon Running Club and a longer run – it’ll take the Club two hours at least to get through the course, I think – on a Friday night will be good fun.


This morning’s run was planned out to be a loop of the city. Indeed, it would be a perfect little loop for the Lyon Running Club to try out one night if they were ever out of ideas. I started by heading up the Soane until I got to the Croix Rousse tunnel, cut through in the cool morning air, and then crossed over the Rhone into the sixth arrondissement.

I headed down the Avenue Foch and then continued onto the Avenue Saxe before turning to cross over the footbridge and head down the Rue de Republique. There was precious little foot traffic out there, I didn’t see any other runners, and the city was waking up but very slowly. Hump day, I guess.

I passed the Place Bellecour, cut down into the Rue Victor Hugo, and then down the Rue de la Sala towards the Soane again. I was planning to head over the footbridge near the synagogue there but it was blocked off and it looks like they are doing some painting there. No matter, I headed down the river a little more, crossed over to the right bank, and then back up to the footbridge at the courthouse and turned for home.

First run of the day? Sorted – now for a busy day in the office before the second run of the day tonight.


There were a good 25 people at the Lyon Running Club run, including my buddy Thierry who is back after his vacation but, sadly, nursing a knee injury. While it hasn’t stopped him bagging all sorts of cols on his bike, he hasn’t been able to train for the Run in Lyon Marathon as he had planned. He’ll still complete it, I think, and without a problem, but he won’t be shooting for the time he was after which is a shame.

We started off by heading across into the Old City which, while a nice place to run when it is not too crowded, is a pain to negotiate when it is full of diners, drinkers, and tourists. No matter, we cut through to Saint Paul, crossed over Terreaux and ducked under the Croix Rousse tunnel entrance beneath the Pentes, and then made our way to the Parc de la Tete D’Or. We took a meandering route through the park, passed by the velodrome, and then set up for the ‘zone defi’ of the evening: a one kilometer section that we were meant to run at marathon pace. Instead of taking off and running with the leaders, I hung back and chatted with Thierry in the back of the pack. We passed a couple of people whose marathon pace seemed to be ‘start too fast’ and chatted about his injury, the hills, and my next trip to England – now just ten days away.

We finished things off by heading along the berges back to Guillotiere, over the bridge, and back to Celestins. i had conversations with a few nice people and, all in all, it was a good run. I’ve a little ‘twinge’ in my right leg, but nothing serious and it’ll be fine with a little sleep.

Distance: 20.9km (10.6km + 10.3km)

Elevation: 174m (78m + 96m)

Time: 1:58:25 (53:35 + 1:04:50)

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