After listening to classic ’80s club tunes on yesterdays run, I was looking forward to the latest Ten Junk Miles Long Run interview on this morning’s effort. Indeed, I was especially excited to know that the interview would be with Ed Ettinghausen, an ultrarunner also known as The Jester for the amusing getup he wears to races. I have seen The Jester give a great TEDx Talk online and I was hoping for more of the inspiration he delivered there to flow through during the time I would spend on my feet.

The plan this morning was to find a long way back to the office. It wasn’t that I was working today (though the pressure in the office means I am still working a little on weekends and definitely each early morning and night, too)but I wanted to collect some clothes I left in the office yesterday when I ran home. I’ve found long ways into the office before but they were usually pretty flat and focused on getting me in to work fast enough to get a shower and get the day started. Today, though, I had a bit of time to spare and so instead I decided to take a real long route into the office. Indeed, when I set off, I was heading the entirely opposite direction from where I would end up.

My route took me down along the Saone which, unlike some of the other runs I have done this week, was dead flat. Not to worry, though, because I had planned a couple of different points along the route I would run to pick up some climbs that would help me achieve my 200 meters of elevation gain before I clicked stop on the Garmin at CoSMo.

The first of these climbs came after about five kilometers where I pulled off the riverside path and headed up the steep climb to Cuire. I have run this climb before and it is a real doozy. I did a quick up and down, then dropped back down to the river and continued on my way towards the Isle Barbe.

When I arrived at the Isle Barbe I crossed over the bridge and started the second climb of the morning through the park. This is a more runnable climb but still steep, especially at the end. Again, I did an up and down and then turned right to head back towards Lyon and finally in the direction of the office, or at least sort of.

Arriving in Lyon, the next climb for me would be the staircase I would be running this time next week: the Montee Nicolas Lange. I took the 563 stairs to the top at a steady pace and then turned for Fourviere, the descent to Saint Just, and then the longer descent into the Old City. Another right turn, and I was heading towards Mulatiere.

Of course, after a week running the stairs at Mulatiere, I decided I would add in a set of the stairs there just for good measure. Again, I took them at a nice steady pace and arriving at the top I turned around and headed back down ready to make the final push across the Saone, then across the Rhone, and on to the office. This all went nice and smoothly and I was shortly outside the office door, my watch stopped, and all set to collect my clothes and head home.

The long way into work? I found it. The climbing goal? Achieved. And the office on a Saturday? Strangely quiet.

Now for a metro ride home, a little shopping for lunch, and then an afternoon relaxing and trying to avoid the rain.

Distance: 22.6km

Elevation: 345m

Time: 2:04:58


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