My parents are in Lyon for an early Christmas with Jamie, Cécile, and I, and so there wasn’t a lot of time to fit in long runs this weekend. However, as Dad said he was willing to explore Lyon a little on bike, I decided to run wth him while we checked out Confluence and the two rivers.


Instead of starting off next to home we crossed the Rhone and picked up a Velov for Dad before heading downriver. There weren’t a lot of people on the berges today so it was a smooth shot down to the Pont Raymond Barre and across to the Confluence Museum. Dad was keeping up fine, though he complained a little about “the hills” that consisted of some very slight rises and the stretch over the bridge. Indeed, at the end of the run it became clear that the run was a net descent and this made the complaints of hills a little more amusing.

We swing around the Museum, then headed up the Saone and back towards home. When we got near Perrache I got Dad to pull off the riverside path and take some of the smaller roads back towards Bellecour. However, he didn’t seem very confident on the ‘wrong side’ of the road and with the traffic coming at him from the ‘wrong side’ (at least as far as a left-hand-drive person would be used to) and so we called it a day at Ainey and walked it in.


Not long after getting home Cécile was ready to head out for her C25K session. She’s into Week 3 now and is running better than she was in Week 1, that’s for sure. Indeed, she managed to hold an 8:00 pace without any issues and ran at least one of the sections at about 7:00 pace. This faster section seemed probably a little too fast right now, but the 8:00 pace was comfortable for her and bodes well for the program – she’s doing very well.

Distance: 11km (8.2km + 2.8km)

Elevation: 26m (17m + 9m)

Time: 1:08:44 (40:41 + 28:03)

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