I wasn’t sure if I was going to run today. I mean, I know it’s a higher mileage week and that I need to get +100km in the bank by the end of the week, but this doesn’t mean I have to run every day. I did a long run yesterday including hills so, frankly, I could have had a rest day today and avoided the heat.

But I didn’t – the trail was calling.

The timing wasn’t perfect, however. Cécile had a late meeting from 6pm to 7pm and we planned to hit the supermarket after that. To fit in the 15km or so I wanted to run, I would leave home about 5:30pm and be back, showered and ready to go when the meeting ended. But 5:30pm in summer on a day when it’s +30°C outside means running in strong heat. It’s sauna conditions and not great for running – but a run is a run, right?


I set out from home towards the Parc de la Tete D’Or and started on a lap of the park. I was carrying a handheld water bottle and trying to drink every kilometer as the sun was blazing. The park trail is nice and mostly covered by trees so it was slightly cooler then. However, every time the sun broke through or the trail opened up, the sun returned with a vengeance and I felt the bite of the heat.

At the end of the half lap I exited the park and dropped down next to the Rhone to enter the Parc de la Feyssine. As I was planning on a 15km run, I decided to turn around in the park about 7.5km or so and then return home via the Parc de la Tete D’Or again. The trees here were again welcome, but I was going through a lot of water and looking forward to getting back to Tete D’Or and the water fountains there.

Leaving Feyssine and getting back into Tete D’Or, I stopped at about the 10km mark and refilled my bottle. I set out on completing the lap of the park, threw in a short up-and-back to get the mileage up to 12km before leaving the park, and then headed back to the berges to make my way home. Over the bridge at the Hotel de Ville, across Terreaux, and then straight down the Rue du President Edouard Herriot to home. A hot run, but a nice way to round out Monday and a good start to the running week.

Distance: 15km

Elevation: 55m

Time: 1:20:12


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