After a typically long Wednesday at work I headed home, got changed, and was quickly out the door again. I was planning on getting in a quick run before meeting up with the Lyon Running Club for their regular Wednesday Night Run and, with impeccable timing, I made it work.


I took off up the hill and then enjoyed the s-bends as I descended back down to the Saone at the base of the Croix Rousse. I chose an easy path along the river down to Perrache, then back to Bellecour before a final loop over a couple of bridges to bring up the 10km and finish at the Place de Celestins.

I didn’t have to wait too long for the Lyon Running Club group to come together before heading out for part two of the night’s running menu.


As a group we headed off down the river in the direction of the Isle Barbe. The pace was well under what I had maintained on my 10km warm up run, and it was nice to jog with others down to the island in the Saone. The path on the way down was a bit treacherous in parts – the cobblestones in the old city plus the uneven and unlit path between Vaise and the Isle Barbe aggravated my ankles a little – but the run back on the berges was great. I know the route well having run it a few times before on my own, and it was nice to pass an hour or so with others.


After returning to the Place de Celestins it was time to say goodbye, politely refuse the post-run drink, and head home for a shower, dinner, and bed. The final couple of kilometres home passed very quickly and I was soon warm again.

Distance: 24.3km

Elevation: 212m

Time: 1:57:40

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