Today was my last run before the Thames Path on Saturday. There’s a whole lot of hassle that emerged today around that Saturday run but, frankly, as it is all sorted out now, I’ll save that tale for another day. Suffice it to say that I will still be running, still be arriving tomorrow, and still be looking forward to every minute.

Tonight’s run served as a final run before the big one, a taper run, an hour on my feet and not much else. It was with a nice big group of runners, mostly from the Lyon Running Club but also a couple from work (Julien and Maxime) and some others who were checking the course out ahead of the October race.


The course is one I know perfectly and so I enjoyed the run without stressing out about pace and heart rate. I was keeping things steady, nice and easy, and up until we got to the tunnel I was just rolling with the wave of runners.

As the tunnel approached and the nightly ‘zone defi’ arrived, I geared up. Like the recce we ran for the semi marathon, this was to be a one-mile sprint and I gave it a bit of stick. I stayed nice and steady for the first 400 meters or so, and then kicked it up to sub-4:00 pace. At one point I was kicking along at 3:30 pace which, let’s face it, is too fast for me, but I kept a nice 4:00 pace to the end and felt good doing it.

The final few kilometers went by in a flash. Somehow we lost Maxime in the final kilometer or so, but all in all we closed out a nice group run. I’m ready for the Thames Path, and I can’t wait.

Distance: 11.1km

Elevation: 25m

Time: 1:03:58


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