I’m a week out from the CIEC 6 Hour race and I am taking a well earned rest day. With more than 60km already in my legs for the week and a longer run planned for tomorrow, I am taking advantage of this Saturday to not run and, instead, enjoy the rest.

This doesn’t mean sitting around doing nothing, mind you. I was still up early to get a haircut, get the grocery shopping done, then home to hang up the washing and get lunch in order. Soon I’ll be taking a walk into the city and poking around some stores just for the hell of it – something to get outside of the apartment and enjoy the mild spring weather.

The tingle that I’ve had in my leg these last few days seems to be enjoying the rest from running and I am also giving my feet a chance to relax after running most every day for the last couple of weeks. While I feel good getting the time on my feet in and clocking up the 50 mile weeks I think I need to perform how I’d like to perform on race day, I am also learning the value of taking it easy from time to time, like today.

As I’ve written about previously, the race in La Valbonne in a week’s time is sort of an extra race and I’ll be treating it as a long run and not much more. I won’t be racing to win nor even racing to put another 6 hour mark on the board. The 63km and change that I managed in Saint-Fons is a nice ‘out-there’ target but, frankly, if I do more than 50km and even approach 60km, I’ll be happy.

I said I wouldn’t be tapering for this one and I won’t be, or at least I won’t be in the sense I was for the Saint-Fons race where I took most of the last week off. I plan on getting in a longer run tomorrow (somewhere out around 25km) and then shorter 10km or 1 hour sessions in Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, too. Thursday and Friday I’ll take off as Jamie is on vacation and it’ll give my legs a rest ahead of the race. It’s not the sort of preparation that will have me pushing for 64km and a new personal best but rather the sort of preparation that will have me arrive at the start line with adequate legs, and a chance to keep moving for the whole six hours.

But today it’s all about the rest, the relaxation, the wandering from store to store, and enjoying the breeze.

Here’s to a good rest day: out and about, but not running.

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