Today was a rest day from running as, once again, I had an early start for a trip to Paris for work.

Quote honestly, I don’t mind taking the early 6:00am train to Paris. I mean, I am up anyway at or before 5:00am so getting to the train station for the train is no big change to my routine. I’m also someone who is pretty productive in the morning and, with the Wi-Fi on the TGV, I can triage the email, answer the questions, work on projects, and get some good writing done before I arrive in Paris. It’s a two hour block of work time that is as effective as any other, and its only disturbed by the odd ticket control.

I arrive in Paris between 8:00am and 8:30am, and I can usually find my way to where I need to go by 9:00am. It’s pretty easy to move around the city and I am more used to doing so now than I was 10 years ago. It’s easy to move from TGV to metro, to find the meeting I am due to attend or the event I will participate in, and not feel lost. Over time I’ve also figured out where to get coffee, where to grab a bite to eat, when to walk between meetings and when to take the metro. It’s a comfortable feeling, and one that really only comes with doing it time and again.

But a day without running, however comfortable, is still a day without running. I don’t feel guilty; on the contrary, with the Lurdunum event tomorrow I think that this rest day will do me some good. No matter whether I spent the day in Lyon or Paris or anywhere else, going into a longer, harder run with fresh legs is going to be a positive.

Talking of Lurdunum, I got the email announcing the start and finish yesterday evening. It looks like it is shaping up to be longer and steeper than last year, with the distance now specified at 24 kilometers and with 1100 meters of vertical gain. I don’t think this is going to cause me any issues – what’s an extra 2 kilometers and 100 meters of climbing between friends, right? – but it will probably make it last a little longer. The organisers have suggested that it will take something like four and a half hours for everyone to complete the run so, with a 7:15pm start, I don’t think I’ll be back home before 12:30am on Saturday morning.

Yet another good reason for a rest day today, right?

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