A year ago I posted for the first time on this blog after a hiatus of some time. I was getting into ultrarunning more seriously and had just completed my first ultra and was looking forward to my next challenge. Posting on the blog after each of my runs was a good way to keep motivated and to keep a good record of where and when I ran, and how I felt when I did.

Now, with about 3000 kilometers under my belt, an ultramarathon win, and a year of performances I was happy with, I thought I would give the website a bit of an update. You’ve probably noticed the change in layout, the addition of some new pages, and a bunch of new content, too.

Here are some of the changes:

  • a Home page with a nice slider linking to my most recent race reports
  • a page for the Town and Tube fat ass I’m planning for February
  • a page for the Ultra Run in Lyon fat ass I’m planning for October
  • a Contact page so people can find me and a few of the other places I hang out

I’m going to keep up the updates after each run and I’m really looking forward to the next year of running and blogging.

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