After yesterday’s 50K run I didn’t want to do anything more but keep moving this morning. No hills, no stairs, no speed, and nothing that would stress my body any more than just moving forward. The broad goals for the day as a whole were:

  • Get back into the work week routine
  • Get an hour on my feet in
  • Not get injured

The work routine involves getting up early so I set the alarm for 5am. With Cecile not due back from Picardie until the late evening, I could find time to run either in the morning or after work, but the morning would likely be a better option than putting it off until after a potentially tiring first day back at the office. And not getting injured? Well, if I kept my pace under control, stuck to paths I knew well and didn’t push things too hard I should be fine.


I was out and about by 5:20am and decided to head down to Confluence. I dropped down to the berges next to the Soane and wound my way downriver. The only even remotely technical section of this first half of the run are some uneven cobblestones and a couple of tree roots that are reasonably easily avoided down near the Quai Joffre.

Confluence was its normal, brightly lighted self even this early in the morning, and the swing across the Pont Raymond-Barre was a little breezy but smooth. I dropped down onto the berges next to the Rhone and headed upriver, taking it steady and listening to the Hardcore History episode I had started near the end of yesterday’s 50K.

At the Place Morand I crossed over the bridge, traced the edge of the Place Opera, and turned up the hill for home. A good hour of recovery running and a good way to get back into the work routine, too.

Distance: 11.6km

Elevation: 46m

Time: 56:37


Image by Jean-Pierre Dalbéra

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