My legs are still hurting from the ultra on the weekend but I’m walking better and the pain – especially after getting out of bed in the morning – is diminishing. I made the walk into work yesterday morning with some pain but without major issues, and I did it again this morning. The math of the two walks suggests I am getting back to good and I should be able to start running again in the next couple of days.

Here comes the science!

On a regular walk into work I average about 8:30 per kilometer as I did in this example a couple of weeks ago:


Yesterday, with all the pain I was feeling and tight muscles, I walked a lot slower:


Forget the additional distance – there are some roadworks going on around Part Dieu and what’s 200m anyway – and note the slow pace: 9:05.

Now this morning, I am getting back to normal:


The pace? Right back on track.

Now, of course, I don’t feel as good walking this morning as I did two weeks ago but it’s a good sign that I can walk at a normal pace again. Give it another day or two and I’ll be running again, and hopefully I’ll get in a longer run on the weekend. Motion is lotion, right?

Walking pace is not the only way to judge recovery but I think it is a useful proxy for getting back into form after an ultra. I haven’t seen others measure their recovery in this way (though I am sure people do) but it seems to be a good measure for me.

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