Back when I was a boy scout I learnt one of the basics of injury management and its mnemonic, RICE.

RICE stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation, and these are fundamentals I have been putting into practice these last couple of days with regards to my right leg. Of course, there are practical limits to how much rest, ice, compression and elevation I can manage as I’m a professional writer, not a professional athlete, and I have to go to work. I also have a son who needs to be walked to school, taken to his after-school activities and cared for once he gets home.

Rest, then, is mostly a relative term then. I’m not running for an hour a day, and I am not deliberately seeking out opportunities to spend time on my feet at lunchtime so, compared to a regular week, I am resting. But I am still taking 10,000 steps a day which, while great for my heart, is not really ideal for my leg.

Icing the leg is something I can do at night once Jamie is in bed. With a TV in front of me, a phone beside me, and a bad of Picard Cantonese Rice on my leg I can pass an hour or so helping the swelling go down. I think it is effective, but I wish I could do more of it.

Compression? Well, I haven’t got any compression socks or a compression bandage working the leg, so I could probably do more here. Put a pin in this one – if things are not improving it might be the area to focus on.

And elevation? While I don’t really have any options during the day, come the evening I put the leg up, throw the frozen rice on, and enjoy whatever passes for intelligent television on a weekday evening in France.

I’ve said to Cécile that, if there’s no real improvement by Thursday, I’ll make an appointment to see a doctor. I’m confident a few days off from running will do the trick, and continued RICE will also help in the management of the injury. Along with the painkillers and some more ibuprofen, I’m hoping this will be enough.

Fingers crossed.

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