Thanks to the fasted run on Friday morning being added – rather late – to the weekly schedule, I only had to knock out about four kilometers today to round out the week above the mileage goal of 100km. Four kilometers is not a lot and not really worth getting out of bed at 5am for. Instead, I waited until late in the day and the conclusion of the men’s Olympic marathon to head out and knock over a half hour to hit the mileage goal and close out the week.

I could have run a little longer, of course, but I also wanted to be home to watch the men’s cross-country mountain bike race from Rio, too, so I decided that I’d load up the iPod with the most recent Worst. Show. Ever. podcast (Episode 38: Dave Gets Purple and Veiny) and see if I could knock over six kilometers by the time the 31 minute podcast was complete. With a rest day yesterday and only a few kilometers to run, surely I could keep up with the 5:00 pace?


I kept the route nice and simple: an out and back to the Confluence marina should make for about six kilometers all up, and if I was a little short I could always continue up the rue Edouard Herriot a little past the apartment to close out the distance.

The first kilometer was a little slow as I was dodging the traffic around the Pont Napoleon to make my way across to the Soane. Once there, however, I quickly got into a rhythm and despite a couple of short staircases up and down, I recorded a 4:54 split followed by a fast 4:35 split for the second kilometer.

Feeling good and with only a few kilometers to run, I kept the tempo up and ran a 4:41 split to the half way point (the bridge at the marina slowed me slightly, as did the people crowding the sidewalks even on a Sunday afternoon) and then a 4:33 split for kilometer four, likely aided by a nice cool breeze and a slight downhill getting back onto the path heading upriver.

The fifth kilometer was a nice steady 4:38 and the final kilometer I managed to close out in 4:35 thanks to my rather liberal approach to the jaywalking rule as I passed the intersection at the Pont Napoleon once again. When I hit stop on the Garmin just after the sixth kilometer rolled up, the podcast was close to (but not quite) finished and I was happy to bring up my second consecutive week with more than a 100km banked.

Distance: 6.0km

Elevation: 34m

Time: 28:13


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