One of the things I am really looking forward to buying for the new apartment are some pots, pans, and cooking ware.

Though I have been cooking for myself for decades now, I’ve really only started to enjoy it in the last couple of years. Experimenting with spices, inventing some recipes, mixing up a couple of the favorites that we like eating at home and changing things up to keep them interesting – all of this makes cooking a lot of fun. I’m no master chef, but I do enjoy the preparation, cooking, and sharing of food that I’ve made myself.

As we’re getting a new oven and stovetop, and as this apartment will be one we are furnishing entirely ourselves, we’ll be buying new cooking ware including pots and pans. I’ve spent a few nights this week looking at what I might like to get and I’m still tossing up between some nice stainless steel options, some heavier iron options, and something with a non-stick finish.

I like the stainless steel stuff though it does mean cooking with oil, butter, or some other lipid to keep things from sticking. This is not necessarily a problem in France as oils and butters are part and parcel of a lot of cooking, anyway, and stainless steel is more of less indestructible. On the downside, Cécile hates it and though she doesn’t cook all that often for the family, it would annoy her when she does.

The cast iron pots and pans would be great, too, and now that we are going to be without a dishwasher we could really take some time to season the iron and get it cooking really nicely. I like iron cookware and my favorite deep pan at our current apartment is cast iron. However, and again, it is not non-stick and this seems to be a deal breaker for Cécile.

The non-stick stuff can be nice and it is certainly easier to deal with when it comes to cleaning up. It also means that we can cut out the oil and butter a little, though this is not necessarily a positive development because it tastes so damn good. The downside is that the non-stick coating eventually goes bad and you can’t transfer the pan easily to the oven as with a steel pan, for example.

Whatever I decide to get it’ll be quality this time. I am ready to invest in something I’ll be happy to use for years and leave the cheaper pans behind. After all, if I enjoy cooking, why not enjoy doing it with gear that will go the distance?

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