I run to music sometimes – The Hood Internet is a favorite – but more often than not I run with a podcast in my ears. It’s nice to pass the time on the road or the trail while also feeling like I am exercising my mind a little, too, and podcasts are the perfect length and level of engagement for a run. Whether I cue up a couple of shorter episodes or go with something longer that takes a couple of runs to get through, podcasts have become my companion during the hours I spend running each week.

I’ve mentioned a few of my favorites before in various posts I’ve made on the blog but I haven’t pulled them all together in one post before. Thus, I thought that I would make this a post where I could list out some of the podcasts I make sure to catch up on regularly when hitting the streets.

Running Podcasts

I like to listen to some running related podcasts, though none of them really focus on elite racing or anything like that. Instead they are either race recaps from amateurs or comedy podcasts, including:

Comedy Podcasts

Who doesn’t like to run with a smile on their face? My favorites include:

News Podcasts

I’m a news junkie and I like my stories from the right hand side of the aisle. A few choice podcasts I like are:

History Podcasts

A good history podcast can last me a long time, especially when the episodes can be four hours or more. Here are the two I prefer:

There are plenty of others I enjoy having drop into my iTunes queue, including This American Life , The Ray Edwards Show , On the Media and Planet Money. As long as it’s interesting, amusing, intriguing, or challenging, I’ll usually find it a good listen.

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