Another day off from work and from running today and so Jamie and I headed out to explore a little more of our city. We headed off early in the morning to Vaulx-en-Velin and the Planetarium which, I hoped, would deliver some interesting and engaging science for him.

I was right.

We arrived in Vaulx-en-Velin a little early and had a look around the city center before entering the Planetarium and taking a quick look around the boutique and a temporary exhibition about comets. There was plenty of hands on stuff and some interesting practical activities for Jamie to get involved in and he seemed to be enjoying himself.

Just before 11am we entered the Planetarium auditorium and settled in for our movie. It was a two-part affair starting with an explanation of the difference between planets and stars and the night sky above Lyon. It was all interesting and a nice way to get Jamie to identify the constellations he had heard about previously. This first part lasted for about 15 minutes or so before the ‘mina event’ where we took a voyage through the known universe. This was a nice documentary with lots of Hubble-delivered shots of nebula, galaxies, and stars. Jamie enjoyed this part the best of all and I was also impressed.

After the end of the movie we took a closer look at the temporary comet exhibition and then entered the permanent exhibition with its games, activities, and displays. This was great and while I was scared that Jamie might get bored or hungry for lunch after a short time he really enjoyed it. We spent nearly three hours all up in the Planetarium and it was well worth the reasonable entrance price.

The good thing, I think, is that it seems that movies rotate relatively frequently which means a future visit won’t be a case of heading back to see the same-old same-old. And if his enthusiasm keeps up for learning, I think he wouldn’t be bored exploring the permanent exhibition again with a new movie, too.

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